Social Responsibility

At Pérez Correa González we value the importance of Social Responsibility, so we reaffirm our commitment to the society in which we live, providing a more decisive participation in support of individuals and organizations through permanent advocacy via probono. Likewise, we consider, as a determining factor, the positive impact that our clients have on society and are convinced that the services we provide to our clients help to consolidate the rule of law and a more just society.

We provide legal advice and counselling to individuals who have been victims of human rights violations, as well as to vulnerable communities, civil society organizations, and micro-entrepreneurs. We are part of the Thomson Reuters Foundation's, Trustlaw, free legal advice service.

We also participate constantly in transactions with social impact and for the benefit of the base of the pyramid.


  • Represented a Mexican citizen in the two international extradition proceedings that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated against him, achieving his unconditional freedom. Currently, we represent the client before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights due to the violations and irregularities committed by the Mexican State in the extradition proceedings.
  • Represented a Mexican academic in a lawsuit for moral damages against a Mexican-based international organization for infamous Internet publications.
  • Represented an animal shelter in Mexico City (with more than 1,800 dogs and 100 cats), avoiding on several occasions the vacating of the building where they provide food and medical care to the animals. Currently, also assisting them in corporate matters and administrative procedures (verification visits by the Private Assistance Board).
  • Represented a student from a public university before federal courts (achieving to be considered as an authority for purposes of the Amparo trial), due to violations and irregularities in the processing of an administrative procedure before the university itself.
  • Represented a student from a public university belonging to the parastatal public administration, in the execution of a federal court sentence dictated so that the university carries out with a gender perspective the evaluations of the student that were previously carried out in violation of her fundamental rights.