Social Responsibility

At Pérez Correa González we are committed to the ideas and criteria of ESG, which is why we promote the implementation of policies aimed at environmental protection, labor welfare, non-discrimination and inclusion, as well as the positive social impact resulting from business activity. In this ever-changing world, we understand that companies need to become more dynamic and must adapt their operations and decision making at a faster pace to become more demanding and responsible in meeting ESG goals.

We represent individuals, groups, organizations or companies in human rights matters, social impact including Pro Bono, considering as a determining factor, the positive impact that our clients have on the society, from the base of the pyramid.

We are part of Trustlaw ™, providing free legal advice services from the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and representing in the following matters:


Human Rights

  • Represented a Mexican citizen in the two international extradition proceedings that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated against him, achieving his unconditional freedom. Currently, we represent the client before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights due to the violations and irregularities committed by the Mexican State in the extradition proceedings.
  • Represented a Mexican academic in a lawsuit for moral damages against a Mexican-based international organization for infamous Internet publications.
  • Represented a student of a public university before federal courts (obtaining consideration as an authority for purposes of the amparo proceeding), due to violations and irregularities in the processing of an administrative proceeding before the university itself.
  • Represented a student of a public university belonging to the state public administration, in the execution of a federal court sentence dictated in order for the university to carry out with a gender perspective, the evaluations of the student that were previously carried out in violation of her fundamental rights.

Social Impact

  • Pro Bono representation of the Refugio Franciscano, A.C., in Mexico City (with more than 1,800 dogs and 100 cats), avoiding on several occasions the eviction of the building where it provides food and medical care to the animals. Currently, we provide assistance to said animal shelter in corporate matters and administrative procedures (verification visits by the Junta de Asistencia Privada).
  • Represented BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund in several million dollar financings to SOFOMs that have had great social impact such as Siempre Creciendo, Exitus Capital, Financiamiento Progresemos, Financiera Labor, Sociedad Financiera Equipate, Financiera Fortaleza, UNIFIN Financiera among others.
  • Private equity investment in Finae, an institution that grants educational loans to young Mexicans who want to study an undergraduate or graduate degree, by Oasis Fund and Social Alpha Investment Found for a total amount.
  • Represented DFC (International Development Finance Corporation) in granting a credit line for USD 8,000,000 granted by DFC in favor of Financiera Educativa de México, a leading multiple purpose financial institution in the field of educational financing.
  • Represented MicroVest LP in the granting of a loan in the capital stock of enConfianza, a multiple purpose company that grants loans to Mexican micro-entrepreneurs, supporting projects that have a significant impact and contribute to the sustainable development of different regions.
  • Represented IGNIA Found I LP in the private equity investment jointly with the Bowana Foundation and Mr. Fernando Roberto García Rochín, in Transparencia Médica, a provider of medical services to service industry employees in Monterrey without access to health insurance plans.
  • Represented The Oasis Fund, a private equity fund managed by Bamboo Capital in an equity and debt financing at FINAE, a non-bank financial institution dedicated to providing financing for low-income students to attend college. Bamboo Capital Partners is a private equity firm that makes base-of-the-pyramid investments and other high social impact transactions.


We represent the following NGOs:

  • Creative
  • Bamboo Capital Partners (Oasis Fund)
  • MicroVest
  • Finae
  • The Donkey Sanctuary
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Refugio Franciscano, A.C.