The Mediation team has extensive experience in dispute resolution in this alternative means by which our partner, Fernando Perez Correa, certified mediator of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, accompanies and guides companies and individuals during the process of amicable mediation to resolve issues of a Civil, Commercial and/or Family nature, This has enhanced PCG's expertise in this area, allowing our team to be involved both in cases in which it represents one of the parties, as well as in conflicts in which it acts as an impartial third party that brings the parties together and supports them in resolving their dispute.

Other members of our team are in the process of being certified by the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, which will allow us to expand our mediation services to cover different industries, which may materialize in a greater number of dispute resolution cases.

The experience of our litigation attorneys, their constant training in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, as well as their broad transactional practice and professional ethics, allows them to assist/accompany our clients in the negotiation process, making this process agile, effective and efficient in time and cost, thus providing an amicable and satisfactory solution for all parties involved.