The Board of the IFECOM approved the Criteria 36/2022 that includes the parameters to determine the amount of the guarantee of correct discharge of the conciliators and liquidators


Pérez Correa González

On October 6th, the Board of the Federal Institute of Insolvency Experts (IFECOM) determined that the conciliators and liquidators must guarantee the proper performance of their duties depending on the size of the company, according with de following amounts:


  1. a) Category C: 1,500 UMAS; (Small)
  2. b) Category B. 2,250 UMAS; (Medium)
  3. c) Category A section 1: 3,000 UMAS; y (Big Company Category A section 1)
  4. d) Category A section 2: 3,750 UMAS. (Big Company Category A section 2)


The Criteria 36/2022 is available at the following link:


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